Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their needs.

In the coming three years 2016-2018, SOS-Log will combine its commitment to the collection and dissemination of information with a series of projects and activities aimed at the concrete accomplishment of the principles of sustainability. Through the KNOW-HOW acquired and the experience of its members, SOS Log will guarantee its members a real advantage in image and competitiveness.

In SOS Log, we want to promote and disseminate the culture of sustainability, bringing to light challenges and innovative solutions:

  • redesigning products and processes: in order to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact and influence the value of the product/service delivered to the end customer;

  • case histories; to identify the challenges and sustainable solutions that businesses and public administrations have carried out, improving competitiveness and the provision of products/services and, in general, the quality of life;

  • the opportunities offered by innovative fuels (for example, LNG) and alternative drives (hybrid, electrical): to reduce greenhouse gasses and polluting emissions in the transport of people and goods;

  • the development of  “urban logistics”: to extend differentiated waste collection, to generate biomass energy, to optimise transport and mobility in cities;

  • the development of reverse logistics: to restructure the logistics chain, at the end of the products’ life cycles, with the aim of re-use or for the use of the production waste as secondary material for other companies;

  • the dissemination of the experiences of the application of intermodal Railway/Road/Sea transport: to create a HUB that optimises costs-returns and atmospheric emissions for major trade flows;

  • the optimal use and integration of the existing mobility infrastructure through sharing, pooling and intermodal transport;

  • the role of Information and Communication Technology as a factor enabling innovation:  to reduce traffic congestion, to better fill the means of transport, to increase safety and reduce accidents on the roads;

  • research and studies on  initiatives and best-practices , in order to verify the effectiveness and support of new sustainable approaches in the business.



In March 2005, SOS-LOGistica (Association for Sustainable Logistics) was established with the purpose of giving space and visibility to an issue of great international topicality.
The citizens of advanced countries, in fact, are increasingly less willing to put up with traffic and environmental disadvantages associated with the delivery of goods.
The aim is to create a “long” Supply Chain that understands this, as well as environmental compatibility and mobility problems, for a more complete and effective value chain.

The partners are experts in logistics, computers, university lecturers, techniques of innovation and the environment, entrepreneurs.

Sustainable Logistics means logistics that aim to offer the service and economical conditions demanded by the market, at the same time seeking all the most appropriate solutions from the environmental and mobility point of view, connected with the transport, delivery and recycling of products and goods. Sustainable Logistics seeks, finally, to promote more efficient logistics that are, at the same time, more respectful of the quality of life.

This is based on the profound conviction that, in the majority of cases, “it costs to pollute” and the search for the most economical solution for the operations is not at all in conflict with the search for the most correct solutions from the environmental perspective.

These issues are particularly significant for the small to medium enterprises of our country (where, as is widely known, 98% of domestic product is created by businesses with less than 50 employees) with the well-known aspects of cost and environmental disadvantages connected to the difficulties of acting in concert.


Daniele Testi
, Contship Italia Group


Fabio Capocaccia, Istituto Internazionale delle Comunicazioni

Gianmaria Castoldi, Consultant

Jean-François Daher, Assologistica

Ruggero Daini, Consultant

Renzo Provedel, Fare Impresa

Marco Ronco, HAVI Logistics

Giuseppe Ricca, Trustec

Guglielmo Davide Tassone, Rhenus Logistics Italia

Luigi Pignatelli, Aizoon

Elena Cervasio, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Italy

Elisa Manzino, Contship Italia Group

Michele Ambrogi, LC3 Trasporti

Alejandro Javier Marijanac, BLG Logistics Italia

Federica Montaresi, ADSP del mar Tirreno Orientale

Alberto Accetta, Seacon Logistics

Andreu Marcu, Burberry


Daniele Testi, Chairman | linkedin_contatto

Renzo Provedel, Vice President | linkedin_contatto – FOUNDER

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Fabio Capocaccia | linkedin_contatto – FOUNDER

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