One of the most significant elements of this new report is the confirmation that sustainability is worth and as we say in SOS-LOGistica since 2005, Sustainability is a good business for companies in terms of efficiency, savings and competitiveness in the medium – long term.

For example Lorenzo Brenna writes on Lifegate:

“Countering the environmental breakdown and the waste of natural resources, as well as being decisive for the future of our species, also has undeniable economic benefits. The report shows that companies that have made their supply chain more sustainable have saved over 19 billion dollars. In the last ten years, Brenna writes, some years of the largest companies in the world have intensified their efforts to make the most sustainable own supply chains, demanding greater transparency for their suppliers.

These efforts have made it possible to avoid the emission of 663 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere”.

It is possible to download the report at the following link: